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safelife is a Non-Profit Association ruled by the French Law (1901).

It has been created in 2015 after a sequence of health security scandals involving daily goods such as food, baby bottles or toiletries.

The safelife Association has developed standards for goods producers. These standards are bases upon the Prevention Principle (PP), through allergens, endocrine disruptors and nanomaterials' exclusion lists.

La raison d'être accueil
Impact environnement accueil

How our environment impacts our health

The incidence of the civilization diseases has been increasing exponentially over the last decade.

Large-scale analysis reveal a correlation between environmental factors and chronic diseases such as cancers, allergies, atopic dermatitis or severe endocrine disruptions. 

The toxic ingredients which impact the long-term health are found in the in/direct environment of our daily lives such as : ambient air, water, clothes, cosmetics, detergents... 

They have immediate visible effects (like allergies) as well as long-term, silent and invasive effects (like cancers).

The label

The safelife® label is a guarantee of a superior health safety compare to existing labels.

To be labeled safelife®, products must comply with the safelife standard corresponding to their sector.

The safelife standards are appraised by the Scientific Committee of the Association and are built from lists and publications produced by internationally recognized experts’ groups.

Le label accueil
L'Association accueil

The association

safelife is a non-profit Association 

ruled by the French Law (1901).


The Association is engaged in the promotion of 

safer daily goods for health and environment.


Founded in 2008, the Association 

facilitates discussions among economic actors,

civil society’s representatives and experts 

to better take into account health issues 

in society and sectors.


The safelife association promotes 

an application of the prevention principle 

on substances used in daily goods

Contact accueil

8 Rue Dieulafoy, 75013 Paris

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